Establishment of the League of Ogori Professors (LOP) COVID-19 Task Team for the entire Ogori Community

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Establishment of the League of Ogori Professors (LOP) COVID-19 Task Team for the entire Ogori Community.
You would recall that three days ago (18th March, 2020) in anticipation that the on-going spread of COVID-19 (corona virus) pandemic might get worse and eventually visit our beloved Ogori Community, I made a plea for action, specifically for LOP, to embark upon urgent efforts to inform, educate and assist everyone within the community to understand, prepare for and know what to do on a daily basis for the prevention and care about COVID-19.
Following my request for members to volunteer their time, services and resources and possibly those of their friends and colleagues to come to the aid of Ogori with a medical and health care plan and associated needs, a number of people have self-nominated to be on the proposed LOP Task Team (LOPTT). After due consideration and consultation, the LOPTT has been formed with the following membership:
Professor Alexander Odaibo (Ibadan) Head of Team
Professor Olu Bolaji (Ilorin) Vice Deputy Head of Team
Professor Christogonus Daudu (Zaria)
Dr Augustine Obaro (UK)
Dr Kemi Sharp (UK)
Colonel (Rtd) Gboluga Mosugu (Abuja)
Arc. Matthew Onoba (Abuja)
Professor Olorunfemi Jegede (Abuja)
Mr Philip Aturu (Ogori)
Mrs Patricia Mosimabale (Ogori)
Other members co-opted by the Task Team as necessary.
Terms of Reference
Relying on the fundamental principles of epidemiological principles, suggest and put into action all necessary ways and means of providing information, education and practical guidance on and how to avoid being infected by the outbreak of COVID-19 in the Community.
Inform and teach members of the community on how to detect, avoid and contain the spread in the Community of COVID-19.
Build and strategise on how to deploy and use, response capacities and capabilities to COVID-19 pandemic as applicable to the Ogori Community.
Request; obtain through gifts, donations and allocation from all sources available, critically-needed supplies and inputs including diagnostic kits, viral medication, personal protective equipment and medical needs for distribution within the Community.
Evolve a workable plan for the strict isolation of confirmed cases of detected COVID-19 cases as implementable within the Ogori Community.
Develop a simple LOP Strategic Plan for preparedness and response to future epidemics for the Ogori Community. This should include procedures for relevant action; communication of information; development of manual procedures; collaboration and co-operation with related local, state, national or international public health agencies; the establishment of a Co-ordination Centre including a local reference or testing laboratory located within the Ogori community; and the provision of relevant information, guidance and advice through the publication of an Epidemiological Bulletin.
The need to extend the know-how of LOPTT and related assistance to neighbouring communities as necessary.
Any other matters of concern to be addressed in the interest of the Community as deemed fit by the LOPTT.

Need for Sacrifice and eschew any and every division
Although history has recorded many global plagues and pandemics, the COVID-19 pandemic which has come at our own time is unprecedented, debilitating, extremely impossible to foresee the extent of its impact; it is a very difficult situation which requires difficult measures and response. Sadly, time is not on our side and we must move as quickly as possible instead of wallowing in self-denial as seems to have pervaded many communities in the country. The urgent response calls for tremendous sacrifice from, and by, all of us; and for the sake of the survival of the Ogori Community eschew all divisions, hatred and dissensions within and around the community to enable every hand to be on deck in order to rescue our Community from any possible annihilation.
Launch of the LOP Task Team (LOPTT) on COVID-19
Plans are underway to launch the LOP Task Team on COVID-19 at Ogori on Saturday, 28 March, 2020 at 8:00am at Itiovie Hall, Emeritus Professor Jegede’s Compound.
All LOP members and the general public are invited to the launch. Provision will be made for those wishing to participate through electronic means (such as Skype or Zoom). Those wishing to use this medium should let us know latest by 4pm on Thursday, 26 March, 2020.
All donations (nothing is too small), towards this laudable and humble effort of the LOP to give back to the Ogori Community, are warmly and gratefully welcome. Please channel all donations through the General Secretary of the LOP, Professor Alexander Odaibo (+234 803 835 5267,
Thank you very much.
Emeritus Professor Olugbemiro Jegede
League of Ogori Professors (LOP)
+234 803 411 6363

Friday, 20 March, 2020

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