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For political watchers in yagba East local government regardless of political divide, the recent calm and ease in the politics of the local government is not unconnected with the appointment of Hon Abdulwakil Sule as the Chief Security officer of the Council.

For a local government which used to be a hot bed for various opposition elements like the PDP, ADC and SDP and also houses some of the heavy names in a key opposition political party, it’s very rare for a local government election to be around the corner and the political atmosphere of the LGA is still as calm as a grave yard.

It’s an indication of the comfort the opposition political parties enjoys under the watch of the Chiief Security officer of the LGA. He has over time extended hands of fellowship to them on the need to see the government of Alhaji Yahaya Bello as a government of all and not for a selected public.

In several forums he has been privilege to attend, he usually uses every opportunity to tell all who are present that just like God installed and placed his leader and father Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello above all other kogites politically without the input of any mortal so was the way he emerged as the Security chief of the LGA by same grace of God.

Hon Abdulwakil has emphasized it severally that he belongs to everyone and not just members of the APC just like Governor Yahaya Bello is the father of all in the state regardless of tribe and ethnicity.

The Local Government security chief has been able to brigde the Gap between non-indigenes and Indigenes of Yagba East local government by constantly visiting and associating freely with them.

One of the top leaders of the Fulanis in yagba East local government Alhaji Ismail recently told a gathering of the Fulanis that they were shocked to receive some bags of rice and vegetable oil during the height of the COVID 19 Pandemic starting from the one distributed by Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi and Subsequently the ones from the state government. He said it is unprecedented and rare.

Religious leaders in the local government also sees in him a leader who is tolerant and fair in his ways looking at how balanced he has been able attend to issues that could spark off crisis in the LGA.

The Humility of Hon Abdulwakil Sule is second to none as traditional rulers in the LGA always applaud his respectful disposition towards the traditional stools in the LGA regardless of status.

Amongst Market women, Okada riders and Artisans, they all sees him as one of thier own with the accessible pattern of governance he is running.

An Okada rider who spoke on condition of anonymity said ” Hon Wakil is not behaving like a government official” and I asked why and he said he is always on bikes and foot most times despite having access to a vehicle.

He went on to say these are the kind of leaders that people have been yearning to have and believes he will make a difference when eventually given the opportunity to pilot the affairs of the local government as an elected chairman.

The APC in yagba East is currently experiencing a psunamic harvest of decampees moving in droves into the party due to the friendly disposition of Hon Abdulwakil Sule who has promised that GYB as a people friendly governor will never stigmatize anyone coming into the party.

Recently a group of Aggrieved party members came to him on a courtesy visit and I was privileged to be present where some of them complained of one dissaffection or the other.

Hon Abdulwakil told them they must not abandon the party as the party belongs to them all and that all it takes to reap dividends of democracy is patience and patience.

One of his few actions which has been applauded by all and an sundries is the distribution of Palliatives (Food items) across all political divide, tribe and societal status. People with disabilities were not also left out as they are received one item or other during the distribution process. He will Always tell them that his Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello never specified that it should be given to just party Members.

The Relative low tempo of pre-paredness for the local government council polls by key opposition parties to me is not as a result of the weakness of those party elements but as a result of the unity pattern of relationship between them and the local government security chief.

Hon Abdulwakil Sule’s Fence Mending strategies is the result of what we are witnessing as a people today in yagba East and we Appreciate GYB for Appointing such a borderless personality as the Chief Security officer of the LGA.

*Fanisi Babatunde*

_An APC Stalwart writes from Yagba East_ .

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