Nigerians must conquer fear if they must succed in 2020 -kogi clergy Warns

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Pastor Joshua Ibitomi of the Apostolic Church Nigeria , Ganaja Assembly, Lokoja Kogi State, has called on Nigerians to prepare for any eventually if they must succeed in the year 2020.

Ibitomi who disclosed this in Lokoja during his first Sunday sermon for the new year admonished Nigerians to hold the bull by the horn saying ” God is always by the side of his people that are courageous and are able to conquer fear when there is problem”.

He warned that, Nigerians should not allow fear to cripple their lives in this new year.

The clergy averred that, problem of fear is usually associated with shame just as he made biblical reference to Jesus, Noah, and Peter when they wanted to perform God work but were able to conquer their fear against all odds.

Picking his text from the book of Joel 2 vs 21, Pastor Joshua Ibitomi said some Nigerians always look for a way to run from difficult situation adding that, fear has caused limitations in many lives.

He said when things are not working towards their favor in this new year, they should kick against fear and believe in God.

According to him, a strong and courageous man in the midst of problem still believes that nothing will happen.

Ibitomi added that, the glory of God has been far from many Nigerians because of fear stressing that the year 2020 is the year for the courageous one’s.

He emphasized that, many Nigerians remained stagnant over the years because they have failed to take risk in doing things that would change their lives.

He said the year 2020 their would be engagement in spiritual war fair as many will taking their destinies in their hands.

” Show me a fearful man I will show you a coward. God is not a God of cowards. In the spiritual battle, you don’t run away in a war fair. A coward will hear an ordinary sound and run away.

“The book of Proverb make us to understand that, an indolence person is a coward. A coward will always look at a problem and run away from it. Why because he don’t want not to fight anything or struggle in life.

” Am not saying when you see a physical danger that will consume or kill you, you should not run away. That is far from what am saying. When you see a situation that present its self as a problem, you should be able to face it and conquer it. Every thing in your life, God has its backing. Always put faith in action. If Christians allow fear to conquer their faith, it is finished” he stated.


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