No Patient Died of Covid-19 in Kogi Specialist Hospital – CMD

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The Acting Chief Medical Director (CMD) of Kogi State Specialist Hospital (KSSH), Pro Isah Adagiri Yahaya, has refuted the allegation that a patient died of the dreaded corovirus (Covid-19) in the state hospital.

There has been a rumour making the round on social media that a patient had allegedly died recently of Covid-19 at KSSH.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Thereflection online on Tuesday in Lokoja, Prof Yahaya refuted the allegation describing it as malicious and completely untrue.

According to the CMD, no single patient has died in the hospital since he assumed duty since the beginning of last month (April)

”It is completely untrue. Since I assumed duty since the beginning of last month, there has been no case of death in this hospital.

”The policy I met in place was that because of the Covid-19 preparedness, the state government has given an order through the Commissioner of Health that patients should not be admitted in this hospital, and uptil now we don’t have admissions but we attend to emergency cases, and emergency deliveries of patients that are booked in the hospital.

‘The only patient we had was a male patient with multiple fractures involving his arms and his legs. The patient also have open wound, and according to his medical history he has been in the private hospital for 10 days before he was brought down to KSSH.

”He had fever and off course the infected wound, but we managed him and the temperature was stabilised.

”We then invited an Orthopedic surgeon from the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Lokoja, to attend to the patient before he was later transferred to Cedacrest Hospital in Abuja.

”So, we do not have any case of death of Covid-19 in this hospital.

”So far, we have not had any patient that satisfy the criteria for testing for Covid-19; you must have suspected patient before you test, you do not just test at random.

”So for now, KSSH does not have any case of Covid-19 talk-less of death,” Yahaya said.

Kogi State is one of the two States across the federation that is yet to record any confirmed case of the dreaded Covid-19 that has killed over hundred people in Nigeria and hundreds of thousands globally

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