Pham Jamiu Asuku :A New Direction with a Difference – Mohammed Yabagi

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Youthful energy and eagerness to deliver are the trademarks of the Chief of Staff to Kogi State Governor, Pharmacist Abdulkareem Jamiu Asuku. He exudes passion and altruism for the New Direction government in the state. No doubt, give the youth a chance at life and watch them take the initiative and make better versions of themselves and improve the society. No place is this assertion demonstrated like Kogi State where the youth form the bulk of characters in governance. One of such individuals making a difference is Asuku.
The Young and energetic pharmacist burst into the states political scene with a lot of point to prove as the then Director General in charge of Protocol to the Governor, a position he held with colossal performance that endeared him to the hearts of many. Truly, the youth, not only in Nigeria, but Africa as a whole are isolated and underrepresented in governance, but this is not the case in Kogi State which has also proven that in many cases, the younger generation is more knowledgeable, equipped and prepared to address the fast-moving issues of today than the establishment leadership of old.
Governance was our problem in Kogi, Governor Bello provided the state with a Pharmacist and Asuku is one of those providing the antidote.
It is an established fact that the youth are the most important human capital of any nation in the world. Not only are they agile, adaptable and receptive, the current Chief of Staff has shown, through his brand of modern day politics that the modern youth understand societal problems in the millennial age.
The Pharmacist who was appointed in October of 2019 as Chief of Staff had taken the opportunity with both hands and is solidifying the capacity that was displayed by his predecessor and current Deputy Governor of the state, Chief Edward Onoja. The youthful political wizard has become one of the hazel ornaments steering the tide of progress under the administration of Governor Bello. In a fast paced world of political and administrative sagacity, only an adept mind like the new kid on the block could master the art of politicking that fast.
Little wonder some Kogi political observers are already zeroing their minds on him as one of the figures to watch out for in the coming political dispensations in the state, especially the 2023 polls.
Appointed in February 2016 as the DG Protocol, he has demonstrated that the milk of humanity flows through his veins just as he has made himself available to many with affliction among the less fortunate citizens of the state.
Yet again, some of Kogi’s political watchers have also not stopped wagging their tongues on the critical and admirable roles he played at the end of the last governorship election in the state where he took up the role of a unifying factor;  meeting with and canvassing the support of notable political figures even from across the other divide. His meetings following results declaration did not end with youth and women groups, but also elder  statesmen and other leaders of thought across the state in an effort to curry support for the present administration in the state and to avoid the pitfall of 2016 where low support from major stakeholders and other interruptions caused dawdling in the wheels of political progress and governance., challenges the administration was able to surmount with time.
Aside his charisma, the Chiefs infectious smile and carriage endears to the hearts of many. Little wonder groups and individuals from within and without Kogi State are lining up themselves to present him with  awards for exemplary service.
Asuku is hardly fazed by challenges; whether in governance or other areas of his endeavours as he bestrides the administrative hitches and making the daily running of the states affairs a lot easier for the current government. Little wonder the Kogi State Chapter Alumni Association of his Alma Mater, the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, recently found him worthy to be elected as its chairman. That position, while being another feather to his cap, has shown that the young man has his eyes set on achieving the highest goals possible without any intention of settling for less. That may have endeared him to the leadership of the Alumni who gave him their support.
Educationally, the Chief of Staff is a product of the prestigious Abdul – Aziz Atta Memorial College, Okene, from where he proceeded to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, to study Pharmaceutical Sciences, a course he graduated in with excellent accolades. He worked in many capacities upon graduation within his professional circle and was the Head, Pharmacy Department at Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron, Akwa Ibom State.
His passion for the down  trodden has pushed him to give back to the society and as a result, the future of hundreds of less fortunate in the society hang on his neck as he caters to their needs through many of intervention programmes created to foot their educational, healthcare, housing and other needs. He has been making payments of school fees for the less-privileged in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions across the state. He also embarks on free registration of hundreds of people for the Joint Administrations Matriculation Board (JAMB) examinations for students in the state annually and has continued to do that till date.
With the Chief of Staffs Pharmacist Abdulkareem Asuku Youth Empowerment Foundation, many youth are gaining skills in several areas of endeavour to make life better for them including; Solar Technology, Printing and Publishing, Cisco Networking, Copter Engineering, Oracle, ICT Security, I T Governance, Advanced Graphics, Web Design/Hosting among others.
There is no doubt that aside the fact that governance is not a one  man dealing, Asuku has shown he is one of the bright ones in this administration and a star of the political future of Kogi State. The story of this great humanitarian has not been written; this is just the beginning!

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