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RE: OMALA CONCERNED STAKEHOLDERS: RECLAIMING OMALA (A job that must be done by all). Handiwork of Mischief Makers

Our attention has been drawn to a publication by fictitious persons claiming to be writing on behalf of the above name.

Ordinarily, we are tempted to keep mute over the publication as it is full of concocted lies, maliciously intended to create disaffection where there is none.

We’re happy to state that in all efforts to be mischievous by the writers of the said article, they pointed out clearly that OMALA LGA has remained a peaceful Local Government Area in the last four years, a credit you can’t take away from the leadership and administration of Hon. Ibrahim Aboh.

Secondly, except for the mischief makers, Hon. Aboh has operated an open door policy, with an approach that has been inclusive, carrying along all shades and opinion. For all intents and purposes, the people of OMALA LGA can attest to the open door policy ran under the leadership of Hon. Aboh, who has never hidden the fact that he is open to new ideas.

Without stating the obvious, the leadership of the Omala APC has a vibrant leadership. One therefore wonders how much of understanding and information the writers have not to know the line of divide between running the party, administration and governance. For us the got it wrong and choose to go pedestrian.

We make bold to commend the APC LG leadership for their steadfastness and for holding on to their own when it mattered most. We sure know no amount of incitement would demoralize their efforts in making APC the envy of Political parties in OMALA LGA.

We wish to use this medium to sincerely apologise for the harsh and derogatory words the authors of the said write up used to malighn the people of OMALA LGA all because thi Want to be mischievous.

Within the period under review we make bold to commend the APC Chieftains, leadership, and members of OMALA LGA for their efforts in winning the National and State Assembly Election. Your gallant efforts in the other Election are a pointer to the fact that APC OMALA LGA remains the party to beat anytime any day, Courtesy of the purposeful leadership of Hon. Ibrahim Aboh.

Let it be placed on record that the leadership of Hon. Ibrahim Aboh in OMALA has been marked with transparency, accountability and sincerity. We therefore state categorically that, we know those hiding behind the finger to paint a man loved by the people and whose passion for Omala knows no bounds.

We laugh at the allegations of financial impropriety leveled against the former Administrator. The Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs has made the activities of LGAs in Kogi State open. To every right thinking mind. Do the figures quoted and brandished by the mischievous writers a reflection of the finances of OMALA and what obtains in other LGAs in all honesty?. This is therefore unfortunate as you cannot cover up the truth with lies all because you hate the face of a man. The truth must be told that some persons who are bent on playing Politics and God are after Hon. Ibrahim Aboh. Certainly, Almighty Allah would shield and vindicate him.

Let us put it on records and emphatically that the basis for the writers wanting to paint Hon. Ibrahim Aboh black is all about the Next Council Election. For Hon. Aboh. It is God who gives power and would at the appropriate time when the time comes direct the affairs of OMALA LGA.

We therefore want to use this medium to ask the people of OMALA LGA to disregard the said write up as it is a figment of the authors imagination, aimed at throwing the baby away with the bath water, all because of the rising profile of Hon. Ibrahim Aboh. We know who the writers are and we live them to Almighty Allah in this Holy Month of Ramadan.

The APC is one United family in OMALA LGA and so it shall continue to be with Hon. Ibrahim Aboh ready to contribute his quota in any capacity as the people and God would decide for him at the appropriate time.


Onoja Abimaje Samson

OMALA LGA Patriots.

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