Toto LG: A New Den Of Death, Where Unabated Gruesome Killing, Kidnap Of Innocent People By Unknown Faces

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Toto LG: A New Den Of Death, Where Unabated Gruesome Killing, Kidnap Of Innocent People By Unknown Faces

By Yahaya Idris, Toto.

As the Nigeria States and world continue to fight the ravage novel Coronavirus pandemic, the people of Toto local government in the western district of Nasarawa State has found themselves in another danger and this time around its not COVID-19 but a more dangerous scourge that is fast taken life of innocent people on daily basis.

An investigation into the mass killing, kidnap, maiming and hacking to death of rural dwellers show that some strange beings who migrated from North Eastern Nigeria known for their deadly sophisticated terrorism activities was said to have relocated to Toto and camp for some years now. It’s also believed that the state government once negotiated with this killer group by granting them amnesty in Lafia, Nasarawa State where the IG of police and some notable stakeholders including north central states governors where in attendance. Also in Lafia, we read in the papers and watch in a National TV where Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State openly disagreed with the host Governor that its wrong and unacceptable to negotiate with faceless group like criminals. Are we not a living witness to what the youthful Governor of Kogi State preach against?

What the residents are now asking is that can’t the same Nasarawa state government identify those criminals its once cowardly, shamelessly negotiated with and empower with cash to the detriment of the rural people who voted him massively.

Is Governor Abdullahi Sule ready to consolidate on the massive gains of the former Governor Umaru Tanko Al-makura where security of lives and property top most of his priority, why is the Governor silent about massive killing and why is it not trending in the media?.

What is delaying the Governor from addressing the press in relation to bad development in Toto LG?.

Nasarawa Governor must apologize to the people of Toto LG, Nasarawa State and Nigeria for his negligence and unprofessionalism for failing to meet up the general expectations and yearning of the people.

Yahaya Idris, is a public commentator, new media consultant writes from Toto LG of Nasarawa State.

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