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As the Kogi State Independent Electoral Commission (KOSIEC) announced its readiness to release the date for the forthcoming Kogi State Local Government Areas election, the coalition of youths group known as “Kabba Youth For Positive Change” and “Youths For Good Governance”, a non governmental organisation have lend there voices to support and propagate the political aspiration of a leading aspirant in the forthcoming Kogi State Local Government Areas election, Mr. Ajibade Moses Oluwasegun as the next executive chairman of Kabba/Bunu Local Government Area of Kogi State. In a statement signed by the two groups through there President and Secretary – General respectively and made available to newsmen urged the good people of Kabba/Bunu Local Government Area to give their maximum support for Hon. Ajibade Moses Oluwasegun in the forthcoming Kogi State Local Government Areas election. We have watched with keen interest the political itenery and antecedent of Hon. Ajibade over the years back and came with a conclusion that he is the best man for the job. Highly exposed, intelligent, committed, oriented and above all, he is guided with the fear of God. At a critical moment like this in our community, we need someone who will restore hope to our situation which seems hopeless, give hap to our hapless situation, lightning our darkest moment and put smile on our faces which have been in the state of sorrow for decades due to bad leadership in our land. Poverty is not hereditary, our past leaders made it and as such only a man whose name radiate A – answer, M – modesty, O – oriented…. has discovered the hidden formula and measure to put an end to the ravaging poverty which has taking over our community. Hon. Ajibade Moses Oluwasegun will strive to break new grounds and rise to the occasion with a view to providing new concepts of leadership, restore hopes and meet the high expectations of our people. If Hon. Ajibade Moses Oluwasegun is elected, the philosophy of leadership shall be re – evaluated to guarantee the promotion of individual prosperity and the collective well – being of the good people of Kabba/Bunu Local Government Area. The new philosophy will greatly enhance the ability of leadership in fulfilling its fundamental obligations to the people. Hon. Ajibade Moses Oluwasegun leadership style shall be all inclusive, characterised by consensus building, popular participation based on the fundamental principles of transparency, accountability, equity, fairness and justice, anchored on the overall interest of the people and the promotion of prosperity for all. We want to appeal to the good people of Kabba/Bunu to come out in there large number and vote for Hon. Ajibade Moses Oluwasegun in the forthcoming Kogi State Local Government Areas election as a vote for Hon. Ajibade is a vote for positive change, massive infrastructural development, youth empowerment, women emancipation, transparent policy and full dividends of democracy for our dear people. The future of our Local Government Area rest on our hand, let us build a prosperous Kabba/Bunu Local Government Area through our collective effort by voting overwhelmingly for the man whom the cap fit… Hon Ajibade Moses Oluwasegun. Born in Kabba over 40 years ago to High Chief Obanufin of Oweland and the Obaladugbo of omigbo traditional administration area, Korede quarters, Asuta Ward, Kabba, Kogi State. Hon. Ajibade Moses Oluwasegun is a trained teacher, intelligent administrator. He is the Managing director of Jumos Global Trust Limited and a senior Manager of Andy Young group of company, where he remained a major factor to its growth, development and expansion for over fourteen years till date. Hon. Ajibade Moses Oluwasegun is a registered member of the teacher’s registration Council of Nigeria. An associate member of National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria. Member of academy for Christian counselors of Nigeria and Kabba Development Union. He is happily married with lovely children. May God help our land.

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