Account of stewardship: Remarkable impacts of Hon. Ademola Bello Destiny, Mopamuro Caretaker Chairman’s 100 Days in Office.

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Time indeed flies yet it serves as the reservoir where events are documented for the future.

Hon. Ademola Bello has succeeded in writing his name in gold on the soil of Mopamuro LGA and has changed a lot of perspectives about APC as a party and governance as the vehicle through which dividends of democracy are delivered to the people.

Below among other things are the outline of Hon. Ademola Bello Destiny’s achievements within Hundred days of being the Caretaker Chairman of Mopamuro LGA:

Being a grassroot politician who understands his constituents, Hon. Destiny prioritizes SECURITY of lives and properties amongst every other things desirable for the good people of Mopamuro LG. This is evident in his efforts at Rejiging security architecture and motivating same for effective service delivery.

This is already yielding results as within his few days in office, vandals of electrical installations has been arrested, gangs of robbers, burglars, some herders terrorising farmers has been arrested.

Overall, Mopamuro has witnessed relative peace not by coincidence but by strategic repositioning of the security network for effective service delivery and motivation of local security and vigilante outfits.


Hon. Destiny through his grassroot experience has reawaken the staff commitment to duty by motivating them through proper engagement.
More so, the Secretariat Complex was made conducive through clearing bushes which for long distorted the view of the secretariat. The secretariat has also being connected back to basic amenities; electricity, water etc.

Adding more was the repair of earth moving equipment which was met in a very bad shape. The Chairman went out of his way to bring the grader back to life considering it all round important to the constituency. Grading of some important local feeder roads has since been carried out.

Hon. Ademola Bello in his consistent magnanimity to his constituents paid National Common Entrance Examination fees for Primary Six pulpils of Model Primary School, Odole which comprises both indigene and non-indigen of Mopamuro LGA. The Chairman also distributed Educational materials to primary Schools. Not only that, Scholarship for (50) indigent students of Mopamuro LGA at College of Education Technical Mopa as soon as academic activities take off which translates to (5) lucky intending students per ward.

In order to increase the IGR towards self reliance, the Chairman has redesigned and restructured the revenue system. According to him, looking inward is the best form of proactiveness if one must attain sustainable development.

Hon. Ademola Bello is a man that understands the true definition of party patronage and as such has committed himself to servicing them. The party officials that are beneficiaries of this gesture are; Chairman, Secretary, Youth leader, Women leader, Ward and Local Government Excos are being captured with stipends to keep the party office running.

The Chairman for decades is know for his benevolence and unusual magnanimity. Often time regardless of tribe or political affiliation, he pays off medical bills monthly for the less privileged in the Local Government and periodically visit orphanage home to look after their social welfare.

Despite the dwindling economy, Hon. Destiny remain magnanimous by employing menial workers and paying them from his salary just to keep them engaged.

Effective distribution of palliatives across the LGA which has earned him accolades amongst his constituents.

In conclusion, the Executive Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo has given Mopamuro LGA the right man for the job, Mopamuro people are greatly indebted in appreciation to His Excellency. Hon. Ademola Bello Destiny has earned himself overwhelming love of the good people of Mopamuro LGA and today, a lot of encomium saturates the nook and cranny of the Constituency as people troop in to celebrate his (100) days in office with joy and prayers at the Council Secretariat.

*Akogun I. Promise, SSA Media to Mopamuro Caretaker Chairman.*
*18th April, 2024.*

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