Ex- NAKOSS President, Audu Omeiza Commends Kogi Govt For Reintroducing Students’ Bursary Scheme

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A former President of the National Association of Kogi State Students (NAKOSS), Comrade Audu Omeiza (Troy), has commended the Kogi State Government under the leadership of His Excellency , Gov Ahmed Usman Ododo for reviving the Students’ Bursary Award Scheme.

Omeiza made the commendation in an open letter to His Excellency Governor Usman Ododo and the entire Cabinets of Kogi State Government.

Omeiza, whose efforts saw to thr revival of the bursary scheme during his tenure as NAKOSS President in 2018, extended his heartfelt appreciation to the governor for reinstating the bursary award for indigent students in tertiary institutions across Nigeria.

“Your Excellency sir, your commitment to improving student welfare and making education accessible is commendable.

“Thank you for incorporating the bursary scheme into the Ten-Year Kogi State Strategic Education Development Plan, thereby recognizing its significance in supporting students’ education .

“Your acknowledgment of the efforts of the previous administration, particularly the vision of Alhaji Yahaya Bello, is appreciated. It demonstrates a continuity of purpose and a commitment to building upon past achievements .

“I am grateful for the transparent approach taken in implementing the bursary program, and ensuring fairness and accountability in the distribution of funds,” Omeiza said.

The former NAKOSS President further appreciated the Executive Chairman of the Kogi State Scholarship Board, Hon.. Afolabi Joseph Raji, for his dedication to ensuring that students of Kogi origin benefit from this initiative.

Omeiza emphasised that the scholarship board’s chairman commitment was instrumental in the success of the program .

“Your directive to engage the National Association of Kogi State Students (NAKOSS) demonstrates your commitment to inclusivity and broadening the reach of the bursary scheme.

“I also commended your initiative to involve stakeholders in ensuring that the program meets the needs of its beneficiaries effectively .

“During my tenure, we witnessed significant progress, including a 300% increase in the bursary award. I am confident that under your leadership, this initiative will continue to thrive and positively impact the lives of students in Kogi State.

“Once again, I extend my sincere appreciation to you for your dedication to improving education and students’ welfare. I wish you a successful tenure in fulfilling your promises to the students of Kogi State,” Omeiza (Troy) said.


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