NANS Urges Tinubu: Remove Adelabu and Mele Kyari Immediately or Face Nationwide Protest

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NANS has taken a firm stance against the leadership of Mele Kyari and Adebayo Adelabu, citing their roles in the mismanagement of energy resources that have contributed to the current challenges faced by Nigerians in terms of electricity supply and fuel availability.

The decision to organize a nationwide protest on May 7, 2024, has been made in order to draw attention to these issues and rally support from the Nigerian population. The protest is strategically planned to take place in various zones across the country to ensure maximum visibility and impact.

The joint statement issued by NANS, endorsed by key figures such as Senator Akinteye Babatunde Afeez, highlights the urgency of the situation and the need for accountability and transparency from the government in addressing the root causes of the energy crisis.

The organization firmly believes that the removal of Kyari and Adelabu is crucial in resolving these issues and improving the situation for Nigerian students and the population at large.

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