Hon. Sam Olawumi Jacob Commends Governor Ahmed Ododo Usman on His 100 Days in Office describes his administration as a Testament to Visionary Leadership and Achievement in Kogi State

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Today marks a momentous occasion as we celebrate Governor Ahmed Ododo Usman’s 100 Days in Office as the Executive Governor of Kogi State. Hon. Sam Olawumi Jacob, member representing Mopamuro State Constituency, KGHA and Chairman, House Committee on Budget Planning and Appropriations, takes this opportunity to commend the Governor on this significant milestone and to reflect on the remarkable progress achieved under his leadership so far.

The lawmaker remarked that Governor Ododo’s administration has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to addressing the pressing challenges facing Kogi State, particularly in the areas of security, education, health, agriculture, and the provision of palliatives for the people of the state. Hon. Jacob stated that the recent distribution of security vehicles to all 21 LGAs is a clear indication of the Governor’s proactive approach to enhancing security measures and ensuring the safety of all citizens.

Furthermore, Hon. Jacob highlighted the Governor’s efforts in providing relief to vulnerable members of society through the distribution of food palliatives, which has witnessed both the first and second phases. He emphasized that this initiative underscores Governor Ahmed Ododo Usman’s dedication to alleviating the hardships faced by the people of Kogi State, especially during challenging times.

In the realm of education, Hon. Jacob praised the Governor’s commitment to empowering Kogi State students through the Kogi State Scholarship Board. He noted that the commencement of pre-qualification registration for scholarships reflects the administration’s resolve to support and nurture the academic aspirations of young minds, thereby ensuring equitable access to quality education for all.

Moreover, Hon. Jacob reiterated the Governor’s vision to build upon the progress made by previous administrations, emphasizing his forward-thinking approach to governance. He stated that by consolidating on existing foundations, Governor Ahmed Ododo Usman seeks to propel Kogi State towards greater heights of prosperity and development, guided by a steadfast commitment to the welfare and advancement of its people.

“Your Excellency Sir, I Join millions of Kogites worldwide to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you on this great feat of 100 Days in Office, while expressing confidence in your leadership and vision for a brighter future for all citizens of Kogi State.” he concluded.

*Media Team*
*5th May, 2024.*

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