Impactful 100 Days in Office: Mopamuro CTC Hon. Ademola Bello Destiny Lauds Governor Ahmed Ododo Usman, Describes Him as a beacon of perfection and exceptional unifier.

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Celebrating Governor Ahmed Ododo Usman’s first 100 days in office, Hon. Ademola Bello Destiny extends warm commendations for the strides witnessed under his stewardship.

Governor Usman’s take off has been marked by significant advancements across various sectors, reflecting his dedication to the progress and well-being of the people of Kogi State.

Acknowledging the giant strides made by the Governor so far, the CTC described his 100days in office as exceptional.

Notably, the recent distribution of security vehicles to KSVS acrosd the 21 LGAs underscores his commitment to fortifying security infrastructure and combating crime effectively in the State.

“Demonstrating a deep-seated concern for the workforce, Governor Ododo’s administration has prioritized the welfare of civil servants. Timely payment of salaries and allowances is a testament to his recognition of one of the significant roles played by workers in the State’s development trajectory”, the council boss remarked.

“Governor Ododo’s administration has upheld the integrity of its commitments by fully settling outstanding pension payments. This act of honoring retired civil servants exemplifies his administration’s dedication to social equity and the well-being of those who have dedicated their lives in service to Kogi State.” he added.

The Caretaker Chairman expresses profound appreciation to Governor Ahmed Ododo Usman for his 100 days of prosperity-driven leadership. His visionary governance and unwavering commitment to advancement and consolidation of the new direction blue print occasioned by the past Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello has set Kogi State on a trajectory of sustainable growth and prosperity, promising a brighter future for all its inhabitants.

In addition, massive agricultural revolution is one of the major agenda of Governor Ahmed Ododo and farmers have started testifying to such efforts both from the Federal Government and Kogi State which enable conducive environment and provision of variables items towards actualisation of massive agricultural produce turnout.

“Indeed, you have earned a lot of accolades from the good people of Kogi State, Hon. Destiny noted”.

*Akogun I. Promise*
*SSA Media to Mopamuro Caretaker Chairman*
*5th May, 2024.*

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