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Exactly, one year ago, Hon. Ademola Bello, member representing Mopamuro Constituency at the State House of Assembly together with his elected colleagues were inaugurated for the 7th Assembly of Kogi State legislature.

The task ahead of him appears a herculean one. But, surprisingly, unexpected though, he had done exceedingly well.

An amiable Man that he is, he has seemingly won himself into the heart of many.

Apart from being a very prominent member of the house, he has not missed any sitting. Always at the forefront of legislative activities, he remained resolute to leave a indelible marks at the end of his tenure like his predecessors.

Outlined below are just few among many programs and interventions he had been able to do within this one year of his legislative anniversary.

1. Upon his inauguration, two categories of people were staffed in which the 1st set(Five people)are benefiting #30,000 each monthly from June 2019 till date
and 2nd set ( Five people) are benefiting #20,000 each monthly from June till date.

In addition, (22 people) across the 10 wards are benefiting #5000 each monthly from June 2019 till date.

2. Under his Students and youths empowerment programs, certain categories of people have been receiving stipend as at June 2019 till this moment.

3. Fifty Bags of Rice was shared across the party line last year December to mark the yuletide season.

4. He paid homage to all the traditional rulers across Mopamuro LGA during the Yuletide period last year December, and donated cash and packages each to the Royal fathers.

5. Because of the Value he placed on education, Honorable Destiny purchased JAMB form for 55 students from Mopamuro LGA this year February.

5. He empowered one of his constituents in ward 01 with a sowing machine.

7. He paid for Some Mopamuro youths that have interest in learning craft as it was his believe that our youth cannot only depend on white collar job presently.

8. He paid school fees and Hospital bills for countless of Mopamuro LGA people within this one year in office.

9. He gifted 100 widows and widowers with #5000 each across the ten wards as well as #100,000 each to few individual to start up small scale businesses in Mopamuro LGA.

10. As COVID-19 persist, he doled out paliative packages and hand sanitizers to thousands of Mopamuro people during the lockdown.

11. He provided a hand pump borehole to the Fulani Community in Aiyeteju Amuro to cushion the effect of water scarcity in their Community.

12. As a good lobbyist, he has lobby some employment and appointment slots both at the Local and State level for the people of Mopamuro which has hitherto put smiles on their faces and many more are still in the pipeline.

13. It has been his custom to convey all the Mopamuro students in different higher institutions from School after every semester break down to their respective homes and he normally come to their aides when need arises.

Above are the delivery of dividend of democracy to mention but few from Honorable Destiny to his Constituency.

However,this wouldn’t have been achievable without the enablement of the New Direction Government under the pragmatic and results oriented leadership of his Excellency Alh Yahaya Adoza Bello.

In view of the foregoing, Honorable Ademola Bello deserve our accolades, prayers to do more and project Mopamuro the more at both Local and State level.

Long Live Kogi State!
Long Live Mopamuro!!

Honorable Ademola Bello Media Team
4th June,2020

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