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Earlier today, the Chairman of the Kogi State Covid-19 Squadron Committee and the Deputy Governor of the state, His Excellency Chief Edward Onoja briefed the press, alongside Committee members and all heads of security agencies in the State.
Below are highlights of the Press Briefing:

1. From tomorrow Saturday March 28, 2020, all vehicles coming into the state will have their passengers screened and they shall not be allowed to stop except at designated points to be manned by health, security and environmental officers.

2. That people should ensure adherence to social distancing as well as the directive against all forms of gathering. No social or religious gathering will be allowed by the State until further notice.

3. Individuals are advised to observe preventive measures such as handwashing, use of sanitizers and nose masks. Coughing and sneezing in public places must be well controlled.

4. In order to make people sit at home, commercial motorcyclists and tricyclists are hereby banned and full enforcement of the temporary ban will commence from tomorrow Saturday 28th March, 2020 until further notice. Violation of these directives will attract stiff penalties.

5. Only stores selling foodstuffs, pharmaceutical products and other essential commodities are allowed to open for highly regulated business. Others should remain closed as we battle this global pandemic. Any food or medicine store with more than five customers at a time will be shut.

6. Anyone with high temperatures, dry cough, difficulty in breathing and other respiratory disorder should call the following emergency lines for help:


7. We urge our people and other road users to cooperate with our security agents and health officials who will man the following designated areas for proper screening of passengers coming into the state: Nataco, Crusher, Ganaja Junction and Zango. The same operation will be replicated at all our boundaries with neighboring states.

8. We salute the cooperation of our people, who recognize the dangers posed by our location as the centre of the nation.

9. It is our hope that the world will survive this deadly virus if we can observe the recommended health protocols and stay at home as much as possible.

Signed: Kingsley Fanwo
Hon.Commissioner for Information and Communication

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