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Greed is an incurable illusion of the mind as postulated by wise men globally. It’s an insatiable disease with evident symptoms.

The infamous SDP’s Gubernatorial candidate, Barr. Natasha Akpoti who lost out abysmally in the last Kogi State Gubernatorial election haven scored 481 Votes to come third seems a carrier of the greed virus. The Election result was a clear indication that she is out of sync with the people at the grassroots. She is gradually coming to terms with the reality. A reality she had decietifully veiled. Now armed with realities, her social media followers do not necessarily translate to real time voters has birthed a dolt’s comedy inclination.

She has exhibited so much of the usurpers’ spirit in her multifaceted expression of greed, neivity and negation on how decent society works via delibrative democracy . This grossly put a question mark to her acclaimed background on a revered profession “law”. In every sane clime, where democracy reign supreme as enthroment’s platform for governance and development, true democrats roll off politicking scene to ensure state or nation’s building. Disappointedly, reverse is the case with the infamous SDP’s candidate. She has frustratedly becomes a worshiper of hysteric gods, living in paradise built by her illusions of becoming a Governor via vile antics against the duly elected Governor of the state and any thing related to the administration.

She was the arrow head amongst other war mongers fanning the ember of religious war recently in the state. Mischievously, a peace mission for a peaceful coexistence by a high ranking official of the state was rebranded by same retrogressive agents in the emblem of Natasha. Her agents of perjury with a coven resemblance assembly, have been going round the media painting false narrative in attempt to satisfy her gluttonic appetite for anarchy.

Yesterday, the evil owl quacked again, in her usual display of needless hate and penchant for negativity. She accused the Governor of being responsible for the unfortunate Armed Robbery incident that occurred in Isanlu. A genuine Leader who is sincerely concerned about the wellbeing of her people will show sign of empathy by visiting the Families of those that lost their loved ones in the attack. Sadly, the opportunistic vermin took to social media to vituperate baseless accusations and lies that is aimed at causing nothing but bad blood amongst the good people of Isanlu and new Direction Government. the pertinent question begging for answer, to what purpose is Natasha banking on every deleterious news to drag the name of the State Government to the mud? The answer is not far fetched, it is for the sole purpose of destabilizing the Government and making the Governor seem incapable. It is high time Natasha Akpoti pull off the toga of excessive hate and evil plot towards Kogi State and her people. Her actions gives one reason to suspect she might have hands in the recent criminal activities going on in kogi state just to score some cheap political points.

Before the emergence of Governor Yahaya Bello, Kogi State had experienced series of robbery cases and incessant killings. as at 2005-2014, within the span of 8 years under the reign of PDP led administration, Kogi State witnessed 8 Bank robberies in these areas namely; Kabba, Okene, Lokoja, Ayingba and none of the culprits was brought to book but today the New Direction Government has governed for barely 5 years and recorded two Bank robberies both in a very hidden locations at the flanks of the State. The robbers in the first case were all apprehended and the State is making frantic efforts in apprehending the recent perpetrators. Comparatively speaking, one will agree the New Direction Government has performed way better than the past administration.

Perhaps during the era of past administration when robbery cases were highly rampant, Natasha was still caught up in the web of confusion as to whether to embrace the career of a full housewife or an opportunistic human right activist.

Natasha Akpoti might be alien to the level of devastations antics of such resemblence to hers had caused the good people of Kogi state far back 2007. Some of the damages are irreparable while others are extremely costly. An event no hysteria can match the reality. The people of Kogi state can tolerate her comedy and inexperience but never the antics of instigating the people along religious and ethnic lines. Those areas are red lines nobody is allowed to cross including the insane ones.

She has demonstrated too many nigating qualities of leadership. She lacks the require vision, patience , tact, deplamacy and temporament to lead. Few years of her political experiment is veiled with inherent negative dispositions to governance . Her frantic efforts in disrupting the peace enjoyed by the good people of Kogi state has a zero resultant effect. Non of her string produces results in either direction.

wisdom demands one changes tact when failure becomes recurrent. It’s expedient she put this into consideration .

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