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I wish to appreciate the people of Omala both at home and in the diaspora for their support, encouragement, advice and even criticism this one year as their representative at the Kogi State House of Assembly.

The legislative duty has not been an easy one ; From making laws at the chambers for the State to attending to Constituency needs and even to treating people’s personal wants and desires. However, with your help I have been able to record a number of achievements which some people, especially those with Omala at heart have commended. To others, I have not performed up to expectation. Well, I understand their position. But the truth is that too much have been obviously left undone with more new concerns piling up daily.

Therefore, it may be needless to list the things I have been able to, with your help, put together within this one year. It is however very important to note that I am just a legislator. But I must truly confess that within this one year, I have mastered the art of representing a people as educated, dynamic and vibrant as Omala people.

My greetings also go to the non indigenous residents of Omala and friends of Omala. Thank you all for your good will.

My doors have been open. I call on all sons and daughters of Omala to join hands with me for the development of Omala. Together we can achieve a lot.

I remain
Hon. Prince Collins A.H. Musa (FIMC)
Member, KSHA Omala Constituency.

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