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In ECCLESIASTES chapter 3v1, the BIBLE tells us that, there is time for everything Under the earth!

I believe in God and HIS words, and the time set aside to perfect God’s plan for mopamuro local government area of kogi state is now.

My town :MOPA which through the Grace of God is the head quarters for mopamuro local government area, has a name that negates the reality on ground.
Mopa, should be in the league of big cities in kogi state judging by the personalities she had produced, and the political wherewithal she possess in the past.

She is now a shadow of the former glory, totally backward in terms of both human and material development. And what affects the head affects the body. Other towns included in the union like the Amuro land, had boycotted her brother town : Mopa, and moved forward. Amuro is now a new bride, which is quite excellent to behold!

All these problems are creations you can trace to ineptitude of leaders that had control the LGA.

Therefore, I am offering myself to do it better!

Am not a saint, but I love mopamuro, and it shows in my investments in the local government within the past 10years. These had opened my eyes to some fundamental problems within the local government which needs someone who love the local government above self.

I promised to, if elected as the chairman of the local government, summon an economic summit of the Indigins of the local government to reposition the state as economic hub of kogi state in line with the New Direction policy of governor yahaya Bello.

If elected as executive chairman of the LGA, I promise to reposition the service delivery of the staff of the local government secretariat through training and define their official engagement to wipe away idleness. For example, built an ultra modern mechanic workshop for idle and redundant mechanic staff of the local government and invariably increase the revenue base of the LGA.

IF elected, development plan will be fashion out for the major towns that made up the union. Mopa as a town have none. Road networks are bad, open defacation is still in practice, old and delapitated structures litters the major towns which are eye sore. Every one will be challenged to develop their plots while lands by the major roads will be develop into shopping malls or residential houses.

If elected, all primary school pupils in mopamuro will be sponsored by the LGA to write their Basic 6 and common entrance examination for free!

Scholarship will offered to excellent students to write their WAEC and NECO, while indigent students in higher institutions of learning from the local government will be assisted through an educational palliative measures to be created.

If elected, A modern motor park will be built for the LGA to boost the LGA revenue base.

If elected, a commercial venture will be established like water bottling company and table water production which will create employment and increase her revenue base.

I can assure you on my honour that, all the above and even more can be done if the will and fire to excel is there. Some of these proposed venture can be through joint venture with some business minded persons from the LGA.

The fire to excel had been in me, and passion to see my community counted as one of the fast developing had been in me.



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