Two Covid 19 cases in Kabba town;

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Two Covid 19 cases in Kabba town; The story around the chief imam of Kabba to be a victim of covid 19. It is most unfortunate that leaders of political group in order to score cheap goals against the APC Yahaya Bello government descends so low to tell open lies and mislead the public that the chief imam died of covid 19 while the man is still alive. Is it that they want the chief imam dead? Or they want to score cheap political goals. The lies by these set of people is the cause of the lockdown in Kabba Bunu local government Area . It is most unfortunate. I sincerely sympathize with all sons and daughters of Kabba Bunu at home and those in the diaspora. I also sympathize with the non-indigenes living in the area or having something to do there. Marriages and burials programmes that has to be cancelled. Alteration of normal life living which is affecting our people. There are lessons to learn in this. If you allow Medicare’s free hands unchecked, when the repercussions come, it will affect everybody. There is need for every body to speak up at the right time, to abate unnecessary stress and avoidable suffering. I use this opportunity to salute the courage of Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello who has stood his ground on the issue on covid 19 in kogi state which has set us free from unnecessary panicking and confusion. Finally I thank the Almighty God for giving us good health in kogi state and safe guiding our life’s and property beyond expectations. We pledge Kogi State to your hand oh lord, continue to be in full charge of our dear State, it is on you we depend totally oh lord.

Credit: Hon. Barr. Lewis T. Asubiojo.







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